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Welcome To My New Website!

This  website is under construction!  I am working on compiling the best of about ten years of multiple websites and moving slowly.

I am pretty sure this site will be disturbing to many folks and, of course, that does not please me, BUT, this is what I believe (see "Warning"), and I feel compelled to share.  I hope you will return soon and often.

The purpose of this website is to construct a relationship with you based upon truth and justice.  aln


Well, I am beginning to get some comments from folks by "contact page". I am overwhelmed with religious folks demanding a more "let's all hug and think nice thoughts" approach. Truth no longer matters to many! That really is scary.

****For some reason my comment function is not working for my blog posts. I am working with my service provider to get it fixed.*****

It interests me to confirm that most of the comments have been from people in the economic top 1% who do not understand the gravity of this situation we are in relative the the Coronavirus and President Trump.

Generally speaking, people are not even close to understanding the epidemiological ramifications of (doubling the rate of increase) every few days for up to 30 days. There is a phenomenon that I learned in grade school that most (and I mean most) people in the world do not grasp: The last few days of doubling are what makes exponential numbers so "epidemiologically" scary.

This is not getting through to people (otherwise smart people) that half the people in the world have no socio-economic means to fight this thing, including health care or economic help. When the numbers of infected in the world double for about 28-30 days, in this pandemic, you will see over 100 million people infected and over 5 million deaths.

This is not about the stock market for the very few who have significant asset investment, nor is it about jobs. This is life and death. This failed global socio-economic system (not systems) will be reconfigured by, I hope, not politicians and patricians. Best of luck to you folks. aln

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