The Wright Stuff

The Wright Stuff

****By the way (video addition), yes, I did kick Mr. Torkelson (physics teacher), but he kicked me first (he did not like the way I was slouching in my desk, and yes, I was bored.) Actually, I really did like his wife.

I believe there is a (W)right "stuff". The purpose of this part of the WSI mission is to explicate what that means. Try really, really hard to imagine a universe (world) without any boundries, literally. (Believe it or not, that still allows for things like interfaces at density "inflection points."

The video above will describe in detail what I mean when I talk about "The Wright Stuff." The logo above can also provide a pretty good clue as to what I do to "find my way" in this confusing world of "True Lies."

Density is a really big deal. Thoughts are things (real), thoughts matter (literally). Density matters and the Covid-19 virus matters. Think of it as a warning. Spread out!

Think 5G, think Transhumanism and Cyborgenesis, think Fascism, think 1984 (the movie), think control mechanisms, think about your kids confined to the house during a terrible storm (racial tension, crowd control, mobs, etc.) Spread out! I am going to do a different post on the issue of death relative to corona virus and density, but think about this, if you can, it might make you feel better in these troubled times:

If my theory of everything is correct, and I believe it is, we do not "actually" die. (Yes, that means your ancestors and loved ones did not "die." There is a place in my theory for a form of metamorphosis of our "lifeform" we share on this little planet, with the quintessence that lies at the boundaries of our language and understanding of "stuff." I am not writing about "spirit" or even "consciousness."

What I am talking about lies beyond our current awareness, but short of irrational (or religious thinking). It is very difficult for most human beings to wrap their heads around the idea that we (as biological entities) are only a small part of the whole scheme of things.

In a much broader sense than you can probably accept, we are biotic (autopoietic) robots...and it is not a bad thing. Perhaps, it is easier for you to think of it as a more and (relatively) "heavenly" place (without the God nonsense). Try to think past notions that are anthropomorphic and imagine a transhuman existence without pain, death, and bad stuff, but still "real." I believe that we (humanity) is at an evolutionary inflection point between "being" biotic or bionic beings. (You should think long and hard about that.)