Welcome to the Wright Success Institute (WSI).

The purpose of the Wright Success Institute (WSI) is Justice. Justice for whom, you might ask. My life's work has been focused on justice for the individual, as opposed to society.

The definition I choose to use is research-based from my own work with the literature on the subject for the last 2000 years. I choose to believe that justice for the individual is best defined by Aristotle as "to each what is due."

My work has been in the past, and is today, about conducting a pragmatic, and "Socratic" dialogue between myself and other individuals whenever and however I can about this issue. My work, today, is done primarily online at WSI, in based on "The Wright Way.

"The Wright Way" is explained in great detail on a page you can "click-on" from the menu directly below. Directly below that link you can "click" on "The Wright Conspiracy" link to initiate a conversation with me about the relationship between justice and success for YOU!

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