The Wright Way

Aln (Posted August 2014)

I Am Aln.  (So what?) 

I Want to talk to you about what I call:  The Wright Way.


I have spent many years and many thousands of dollars preaching and teaching about how urgent and necessary it is for people to construct a written "World View."

Milennials should understand that 90% of adults over 20 years old do not have a written worldview and have left that issue to religious leaders, politicians, and television pundits and personalities.

That is a terrible thing, but that is not the purpose of this section of my website. The purpose of this part of my site is to share my own worldview with anyone who is interested. I believe that when a person publicly publishes their worldview, it is a matter of taking a stand for a belief system that can have significant value to the social system we share on this planet.

My worldview is the result of a lifetime of revisions made after thousands of books, articles, and hours in classrooms and lecture halls. In addition, I have worked in many multiples of jobs, professions, and worksites where I have continued an unusual dedication to learning general knowledge rather than practicing a specialized skill to earn a dollar and raise a family, as most normal people do. I am not normal and I hope to add some value for you.

Please share your thoughts with me about what you find on this website. aln

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