My Big T.O.E

What is " My Big T.O.E?

Why are you writing and talking about your big toe? Good question, but actually I want to do a brief introduction to my really big (T)heory (O)f (E)verything.

I really do mean really big. In fact, it is so big and so important that in it ultra-simplest format contains all the information required for any mathematical, physics, chemistry or social calculation possible. It is so simple that most people "simply" do not comprehend it...see below:

1 = 1/1


Time is equal to Mass divided by Energy, and Time is equal to the speed of light squared.


Time is, in fact, the quintessence as represented by the 1/0 binary (on/off) pulsations represented by the (light/dark) fundamental sensory relationship in the quantum universe.

Try to imagine this "pixelation" of light (wave/particle) as simple universally instantaneous vibrations of the quintessence (time) that satisfy the demands of both classical and quantum physics to construct a "unified field theory" and account for the "action at a distance" confusion.

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