The Wright Idea

The Wright Idea is "My Big T. O. E."

Here it is. It is just this simple: 1 = 1/1

Yeppers, this is where you get to say, "what the hell makes this idiot think he is a "know it all?"

Well, what can I say? Let me begin by explaining that "my big t.o.e." is not about either of the big toes on my feet, as a very young person suggested recently.

It is, plain and simply, about density and relativity!

There are three (3) key parts of my grand "theory of everything" (The Wright Idea), but it really is as simple (read that as "elegant") as: 1 = 1/1.

I will give you a quick overview of those three essential parts of my theory right now. Then, I invite you to take a closer look at the information that follows for the "real story."

First, Professor Einstein made the greatest contribution to my theory as it is abbreviated below:

E = M x (CxC), where C is the speed of light.

My major contribution is to propose the following as a fundamental universal truth:

1 = 1/1 = E/M = (CxC) = Time =M/V = Density ' The Quintessence

Stated a little differently, it is all about time and density, where time is binary, an "on/off" switch, if you like, where "on" is a pulse of light, and "off" is "dark" energy/matter.

I realize that was brief, but you can learn as much here as you want to know. I would love to talk with you about this, because it has profound implications and can help answer every question that you can imagine.

Oh, yes this theory explains all social issues as well as links classical physics and quantum physics gravitational problems. (Yes, the double-slit experiment and various interpretations are flawed and the wave/particle and "action-at-a-distance" problem is answered, as are ALL other questions. (Period) aln

I will be back soon with much more and a video. I have to shop for covid-19 virus food. aln

I am back, but I am now going to spend some time with the lady I live with on this fine evening in Tucson, AZ. I intend to give you the best experience of your life with my theory, but first (if you can muster the interest) this is the leading group of physicists in the nation on what I am talking about if you want to slide a few inches into the weeds. I will be back tomorrow to give you my take on what I learned from these folks. I have been learning from them for several years...believe it or not! (I highly recommend this very long video.)

However, I do not think you have the patience or proper preparation for it. If I am wrong, ok, watch the video. If I am right, the video right below this one is beyond excellent for the layperson. Give it a shot and it will absolutely blow you away. Really, it is that good...if, and it is a big if, you can pay attention!

I began my studies at Arizona State University as a physics major and evolved into a lifelong student of general systems theory, and after a stint with "The Control Systems Group" I focused on the idea of a grand unified theory in a good part of my time. I really like this group though I have a different conceptual theory based heavily on their work. Try hard to get through the boring parts setting up context for their really fine work. aln

This is DAMN good!

In 1970 or 1969, I can no longer remember, I met with my hero, Buckminster Fuller, after a lecture he gave at the University of Arizona and at the height of my youthful impetuousness, I asked him what I should study. He said "in a nutshell, the tetrahedron."

The mathematical physics that has led me to my own "Theory of Everything" is based on the tetrahedron as the three dimensional elementary wave/particle (pixel) of universe. (Bucky did not believe in "the" universe. It is more appropriately understood as a "verb.")

Yes, actually that does matter. Anyway, there is much more to learn. I would be happy to help you and it matters so very much right now when we are on the precipice of the extinction of humanity as a biological species and the beginning of a "Transhumanism and Cyborgenesis" that is not reversible or avoidable. Let us do it (W)right.

Note for the most astute among you, towards the very end of the video you might notice the amazing similarity between the "Quasicrystal" and the Covid-19 virus????

Ok, if those were too tough for you, here is the simplest explanation (next to mine) that can be made. Try will like it!