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Thumper: Funky Golf

Funky Golf : Smart, Simple & Fun.

I am working on getting an e-copy of my "Funky Golf" book on this website. In the meantime, I will post a few short videos on the concept as I see it...soon! aln

My Golf Truck

My Mobile Golf Academy

The purpose of this video blog post is to introduce my mobile golf academy to you. In 2013, I bought an old truck and reconditioned it to use as a mobile golf academy.

I had a lot of fun and probably learned more about the game of golf than I taught. Six years of golf instruction using an alternative instructional system I called "My Confidence Course," resulted in my book entitled "Funky Golf."

Funky Golf is the result of a lot of research and practical experience working with beginning and intermediate golfers. I believe that I have created a golfing concept that is "smart, simple, and fun" to learn online and play on your favorite golf courses anywhere in the world.

*I do not use "My Golf Truck" anymore for instruction. I now do almost all of my instruction online. I will provide more information about that on this website.

Golf Swing Analysis

Announcing Online Swing Analysis

I shot this video a couple of years ago from my backyard in Tucson, Arizona just to demonstrate what I need for a good couple of ten second videos so that I can provide some good analysis and suggestions.