Welcome To My New Website!

This  website is under construction!  I am working on compiling the best of about ten years of multiple websites and moving slowly to create this new "retirement video."  UPDATE:  Shortly after I posted this notice, I had a major health event that placed me in "hospice" for awhile.  I did not die, but it has taken me awhile to get back on my feet and clear my head.  I am working diligently to get caught up with my original goals here on this site and a few more focused sites connected here.  

Please take a few moments to view the video above for a brief introduction to the site.  I hope you will spend some time here and browse the pages from the menu at the top of this page.  I look forward to any comments you may have, and feel free to use the contact page anytime to communicate with me privately.


Justice requires truth.

I am a "truther" and I believe "True Lies" are at the core of ignorance, confusion and injustice in our world. Propaganda is real in America and the rest of the world, as well. It serves the wealthy and the powerful and enslaves the rest of us to one degree or the other and in many ways. One of the least understood is "employment," the renting of people by the hour by our "owner" masters. This is modern slavery as opposed to the slavery of "buying and selling" people of color (and others).

Ignore this at your own peril.


The Blue Notes and The True Lie Blues

The purpose of this post is to introduce my music project and The Blue Notes: Do (on the keyboard), Re (at the microphone), and Me (with the guitar).

The Blue Notes are going to produce a series of musical video blog entries on this website as we work to construct a blues ballad about modern slavery we call "The True Lie Blues."

The format for these blog entries will include me talking about the process of writing the lyrics and music for our blues ballad with a sampling of our performance progress along the way.

I have little or no musical talent or ability, but a lot of desire to accomplish this music project as part of my retirement goals I set for myself. I really hope that some of you may find it (and us) interesting, or at least mildly amusing.


Thumper: Funky Golf

Funky Golf : Smart, Simple & Fun.

I am working on getting an e-copy of my "Funky Golf" book on this website. In the meantime, I will post a few short videos on the concept as I see it...soon! aln

The Government True Lie

Governments are protection rackets and ponzi schemes. There is a better way. (See "The Wright Way" on this website.